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  • Chanson: Wonderful People
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Textes et Paroles de Wonderful People

Dear wonder people:
Do you think we've met?
I wonder there.
I wonder what was said.
Oh wonder people, how do you set
such wonderful examples for young wonder people?
Their future's always brighter
Old wonder people
Their burden's always lighter
But wonder people are rarely seen without it
No wonder people sit and wonder all day about it

Wonderful people, I wonder if they'll show me wonderful secrets and never leave me lonely
Wonderful people, your song plays on the breeze.
We're collecting in every street and every crazy heart is beating.
Oh wonder people, your song lives in my trees
We're collecting on every corner, passing out on every boarder
Oh wonder people, I'm thankful that you found me
Now wonder people are crowding all around me
Wonderful people, please know I'd never doubt you
And when one shot rang out, that's when I got lost without you

I lost myself in the streets
People softly running running
I woke adrift in the sea
Water softly running running
Now I belong to the sea
Water softly running running
like shots whispered in the streets
and people softly running running

Oh wonder people can we take to the races?
I wonder if I can make it at your paces
Oh wonder people, you're racing all around me
Just like an ocean
Now the other ones can't surround me

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