Paroles Put out the fire de Queen

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  • Chanson: Put out the fire
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Textes et Paroles de Put out the fire

They called him a hero
In the land of the free
But he wouldn't shake my hand boy
He disappointed me
So I got my handgun
And I blew him away
That critter was a bad guy
I had to make him pay
You might fear for my reason
I don't care what they say
Look out baby it's the season
For the mad masquerade
Put out the fire
You need a bullet like a hole in the head
Put out the fire
Don't believe what your grandaddy said
She was my lover
It was a shame that she died
But the constitution's right on my side
Cos I caught my lover in my neighbour's bed
I got retribution, filled 'em full of lead
I've been told it's the fashion
To let me on the streets again
It's nothing but a crime of passion
And I'm not to blame
Put out the fir
And let yor sons and your daughters
Sleep sound in their beds
You know a gun never killed nobody
You can ask anyone
People get shot by people
People with guns
Put out the fire
You ned a gun like a hole in the head
Out out the fire
Just tell me that old fashioned gun law is dead

  "Hot space [#6]"

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