Paroles Real Talk de R Kelly

R Kelly
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  • Artiste: R Kelly2630
  • Chanson: Real Talk
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Textes et Paroles de Real Talk

Do I Know Your Friend Who?At A Club?
Who Was There? Girl I Wouldnt
Wait A Minute, Calm Down
I Was At The Club With Who?
Get Tha Fuck...Man, U Know What

Girl Im Not About To Sit Up Here And Argue With You About Who's To Blame
I Call No Names, Real Talk
See Girl, Only Thing Im Trying To Establish With You Is Not
Who's Right Or Who's Wrong, But What's Right And What's Wrong,
Real Talk
Just Because Your Friend Say She Saw Me At A Club With Some Other Bitches
Sitting In Vip Smoking And Drinking And Kicking It, Tell Me Girl

Did She Say There Were Other Guys There?
Did She Say There Were Other Guys There?
Were There Other Guys There?
Well, Tell Me This

How The Fuck She Knew I Was With Them Other Girls Then
When The Whole Club Packed Wait A Minute Let Me Finish What I've Got To Say
I've Been With You Five Years And You Listening To Your Motherfucking Girlfriends
I Dont Know Why You Fuck With Them All Jealous No Man Havin Ass Hoes Anyway
Real Talk
Alway Accusing Me Of Some Old Bullshit When Im Just Trying To Have A Good Time
Robert You Did This, Kells I Heard You Did That
Dont You Think I Got Enough Bullshit On My Mind
Real Talk, Hold Hold Up
Didnt I Just Give You Money To Go Get Yours Hair, Toes And Nails Done The Other Day, Hmm
Yeah Your Ass Was Smiling Then
Real Talk, Oh
Gave Who Some Damn Money?
I Aint Gave Nobody No Damn Money Girl?
Is You Twikning?
You See What Your Problem Is,
You're Always Running Of At The Mouth Telling Your Girls Your Motherfucking Business, When
They Dont Eat With Us, They Dont Sleep With Us, Besides
What They Eat Dont Make Us Shit
Real Talk
You Call My Mommas House And What?
Girl My Momma Aint Gotta Screen No Calls For Me
Real Talk, And Watch Your Mouth
Fuck Me? Girl Fuck You!
I Dont Give A Fuck About What You're Talking About
Im Sick Of This Bullshit Im Coming Home And Getting My Shit And Gettin Tha Fuck Up Out In A Dodge
You Aint Gotta Worry About Me No More
And The Next Time Your Ass Get Horny
Go Fuck One Of Your Funky Ass Friends
Hell Yeah, You Probably Doing That Shit Anyway
You Gonna Burn What?
Bitch I Wish You Would Burn My Motherfucking Clothes
With Your Triflin Ass, Milton, You Bogus Girl, Milton
Start Your ....Up And Get Ready To Take Me Home,
This Bitch Then Lost Her Motherfucking Mind

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