Paroles Dreamers And Believers de Racing Kites

Racing Kites
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  • Artiste: Racing Kites14070
  • Chanson: Dreamers And Believers
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Textes et Paroles de Dreamers And Believers

Hearts were made for breaking
Lies were meant for getting out alive
These words cut so deep right through the skin right to the spine
Let's keep this clever oh so clever
At least better than the rest
Don't slip, don't slip this might be the end
I know we've been running out of time just to say we're on our way
And never look back, never look back
This is the world we left for the dreamers and believers
Am I still here?
Wake me up I must be drowning in my own fear
I'm so sick of us pretending
We're not fine here
Pack your bags 'cuz we're all leaving and I'm
Sick of us, sick of us pretending. Sick of us, sick of us pretending
We're all fine
This is my way of saying goodbye
(waiting on Will's part)
Brace yourself it's over, over
We're all fine now
This is my way of saying goodbye
We're all fine now

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