Paroles Everybody Are You With Me? de Radiant

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  • Artiste: Radiant31393
  • Chanson: Everybody Are You With Me?
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Textes et Paroles de Everybody Are You With Me?

Walk with me
Cause you turn me on
To a life of love
That covers all
Only time will tell
But I feel that only fools die young
For a lost cause

(Everybody are you with me?)
If all the world would hear the sound
(Everybody are you with me?)
Of praise from lips that kiss thy mouth
(Everybody are you with me?)
The volume of the noise seems too high
(Everybody are you with me?)
But I know you'll overcome and sing
(Everybody are you with me?)

I don't see myself standing all alone
I don't see myself walking all alone
But I see myself breaking down the walls now

(Everybody are you with me?)
Stand upon your feet
(Everybody are you with me?)
??...that die so aimlessly
(Everybody are you with me?)
Stand upon your feet
(Everybody are you with me?)
Oh you know that it's time
That we made history
(Everybody are you with me?)

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