Paroles Nocturne de Radigost

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  • Artiste: Radigost7868
  • Chanson: Nocturne
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Nocturne

Daylight leaves this world again, the burning ball called Sun
now again must go down, behind the inaccessible line.
Wings of the night are low above me, night wrapped deserted fields,
mist is trembling above the lake, above the trees and weeds.

Meadow under nightly sky
In the calling light of stars
Wind whispering from shady fields
Indescribable beauty of the night.

Far and lonely silent shadows are flitting in the starlit fields,
wrapped in the dismal fog, gloomy hills are lying.
White light of the moon is reflecting in the cold mirror of the lake,
in the smooth of the water I can see night sky.
I am standing among the vast of the night,
I see forgotten faces. In whisper of the lonely wind
I hear forgotten voices... so far away... and so near.
The night is penetrating in my mind, its beauty is penetrating in my heart.
I don't need the reality of this world any more,
I'm raising on the wings of the night into black and cold sky.
I'm raising far away from this dirt, my suffering is ending now.
I don't need the light of this world any more.
My spirit will be free at last now.
The Moon takes me.

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