Paroles Outcast de Radigost

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  • Artiste: Radigost7868
  • Chanson: Outcast
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Textes et Paroles de Outcast

Look at this marvelous garden washed by warm rays of the sun.
Once I had roamed here until my power hasn't gone.
Formerly I had been free, I had been able to fly like the beautiful swans.
But once I have fallen and lost my wings,
and now I'm doomed to stay here forever.
My soul is the roaming star of dawn, the blackened sun of life.
I walked on the Earth and I went around it and I found nothing to console me.
He pushes us in oblivion and death and in our lust we cannot notice it.
We see us standing in the flowering meadows as we stand deep in blood.
I walk and look upon the Earth with my darkened bleeding soul.
In the sad beauty of sunset my spirit goes alone
without forgiveness but full of pride.

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