Paroles Towards Eternal Glory de Radigost

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  • Artiste: Radigost7868
  • Chanson: Towards Eternal Glory
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Textes et Paroles de Towards Eternal Glory

From the bowls of battle I shall arise
From the ashes of the fallen heroes
And fire ablaze when it consumed it all
Realizing that I shan't fall,
nor drown in the creeks
of blood
Shed by fiends
of the bitter moon

come whilst my courageous heart
and on towards divinity

awake that inner silence
caused by calamity

and breach through the spines of fear
slashing all whom oppose my faith

To the path of Victories
Through justice of the sword
The cleansing of dreadful souls
Shall stain no more

To the path of Heroes
A craving besieged
The clash of the titans
I heed my call.

In defiance of death I shall raise my sword
And gain my rightful place in the palace of Myths
A pledge to be made by carving on my face
Lead the way Oh Gods of old

Show me the destiny bestowed upon me
Grant me the wish I utterly desire

Follow me thou ghosts of woe
Paint thy fury in dark red

To the path of Victories
Through the halls of the elders
Amidst the corridor
Lays My statue standing tall

To the path of Myths
Everlasting memory
An immortal statue
Of which tales have been told

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