Paroles Over You de Raphael Saadiq

Raphael Saadiq
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  • Artiste: Raphael Saadiq11830
  • Chanson: Over You
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Textes et Paroles de Over You

Next time I see you, I just might commit a crime
For falling in love far too many times
You know that I love you, you got what I need
Your kiss is so deep, it knocks me to my knees, oh

Next time I see you, I'm not letting you get away
I'm locking you in and making love all day
Give you good loving, mix it up good
Give you great wine and take you to the, oh

Girl, everything is okay
When you kiss me that way
Oh, oh, say it ain't so
Don't stop, just go, go

I'll never go to sleep without calling you
It's all in my head, it's amazing the things you do
When I hear your voice it's a sunny delight
Girl, you ease my pain on a Friday night

So how do we do it, baby? Can we dance again?
I know it's free to lose but it costs when you want to win
The story is true, yes, I'm your fool
And I just can't seem to get over, over, over you, you, you, over

Girl, everything is okay
When you kiss me that way
Oh, oh, say it ain't so
Don't stop, just go, go

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