Paroles The Man In Love With You de Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts
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  • Artiste: Rascal Flatts5705
  • Chanson: The Man In Love With You
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Textes et Paroles de The Man In Love With You

If you think I've second guessed it
Or for one minute I'd regret it
This life with you
No, there's never been a moment
Not one time I haven't known it
What I have with you
You hold my heart
Deep inside of every single part

If I could be anything
I wish that I could be, oh baby
If I could rule all the kingdoms
Maybe even sail the seven seas
If I could do all the things
I only dream that I could do
I'd still be
The man in love with you

I try every day to show it
Just to make sure that you know it
I'm here to stay
And you'll never have a reason
To ever think I'm leaving
There's just no way
It's no mystery
How I feel
Baby, can't you see


I can't go places
I always see traces
Of the only thing in life I'll ever need

If I could do all the things
I only dream that I could do
I'd still be
The man in love with you
I'd still be
The man in love with you

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