Paroles Apparitions de Raveonettes (The)

Raveonettes (The)
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  • Artiste: Raveonettes (The)4550
  • Chanson: Apparitions
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Textes et Paroles de Apparitions

In the night, we run around in the streets
Jack up on life in hell
Thunder love has struck us again
Where apparitions are the sinful spell

Elude the harsh reality of our lands
We saw tears and tragedy
Rejoin the back of rebel angels at night
Like apparitions of an infantry

Let's get out of here
Want you to come along
Let's get out of here
Want you to come along

In the sunless days of war
I was a young pilot strewing death
I see tears and frightened eyes
Put them to sleep till I was out of breath

A silhouette of jealousy in the sky
I took revenge on love nightly
I'll take a hard look back someday
And deny war apparitions of sympathy

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