Paroles Black Wave de Raveonettes (The)

Raveonettes (The)
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  • Artiste: Raveonettes (The)4550
  • Chanson: Black Wave
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Textes et Paroles de Black Wave

What if your heart rode a black wave?
and told you it never come back home

What if that wave turned into thunder?
roared and crashed and left you all alone

What if that fire turned into sunshine?
left you on the beach madly in love

What if that love turned into heartbreak?
left you on that wave where you once were

What if your girl said she loved you?
told you she'd stay with you forever

What if forever turned into nothing?
you saw her drive away in a beat up car

What if that car turned into a fireball?
across the sky she burn my angel smile

What if that smile turned into tears?
wipe away the broken dreams once more

What if your life took a strange turn?
left you bewildered in the night

What if the light turned into day?
I guess it always does so lets move on

What if you couldn't move on?
I guess I'd rather die than stay right here.

But what if death was your best friend?
I guess I'd rather go another way

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