Paroles So Much Of You de Reamonn

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  • Artiste: Reamonn5450
  • Chanson: So Much Of You
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Textes et Paroles de So Much Of You

i'm barely alive, my heart just sunk at the thought
of where you're're not with me
and i'm losing hold on the center of my life
it's turning black...
"i feel so alone in this fucking city"
miles of separation
with only a phone to let you know
it's killing me to stay so far away
but i can't go back to that place
where i gave up my dreams
and i broke myself for acceptance
but it never embraced me
and it crushes me to know
every word i wrote to you
never saw the light of day
would it have changed a thing?
could it have taken away our pain?
it was a lesson learned... i could have done without
i can't live with a broken heart
when it's the one thing we share
a million miles away
so i'll keep waiting...
...i'll be waiting right here

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