Paroles Last Words de Receiving End Of Sirens (The)

Receiving End Of Sirens (The)
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  • Chanson: Last Words
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Textes et Paroles de Last Words

Im going to close my eyes
and never open them again
Its plain to see, my heart gave way
but its because of you that I break not bend
and the last words that trickle out my mouth will ring in silence

Cmon you know I always heard you out
and you brought about more pain than I could handle

A fatal love and forgotten pulse
growing fainter with every minute
What I need is one second of your time
to loosen this rope long enough letting three words slip by
Im remembering every car ride and sunset we absorbed
despite youve got me dangled, tangled, and undeniably ignored

Cmon you know I always heard you out
and you brought about more pain than I could handle

"forgiven, forgotten"
drowned so often
in the water under the bridge,
the water under the bridge.

Cmon you know I always heard you out
and you brought about more pain than I could handle

Ive been waiting for the longest time
untie this noose and Ill be fine
Im short of breathe and hanging from my neck all for you
My flesh is searing from this knot youve tied
regret, and blood, and pride collide
swelling at my head and hands
swollen I find myself still waiting

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