Paroles Upside (ft. Darien) de Reel People

Reel People
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  • Chanson: Upside (ft. Darien)
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Textes et Paroles de Upside (ft. Darien)

I got my head in the clouds
And ain't no taking it down
Now that I finally got myself together
And if I ever was found
I'd say "Just put me back down...
...'Cause I'm prepared to stay here forever"
You won't be walking away
You will be begging to stay
'Cause it's a place to make a new beginning
Well let me give you the scoop
It's not a game
It's the truth
There ain't no losing
There'll be only winning

I searched high and low
Head to toe
(There ain't nothing like this)
I searched high and low
Head to toe
(Trust me, baby)

I found a place in the sun
Somewhere that we can have fun
Where every day is like a paid vacation
I want to spend all my time
In where the pickings are fine
Ain't got no time for stress or aggravation
And I can make you bet
That you ain't seen nothing yet
Just notice all of the familiar faces
That's why you're never alone
And you can call it your home
Here's the key
Welcome to paradise

I searched high and low
Head to toe
(You just keep on searching)
I searched high and low
(My my my)
Head to toe

And as long
You are here
Just lose yourself
(Yourself in me, baby)
Are your fears
Just straight up in
And begin to enjoy
What's within

Turn me around-side
I'll be here all night
Push me
Pull me
Out on the floor
And as soon as we're finished
We can go back for more

I searched high and low
Head to toe
(But I ain't never never never never found)
I searched high and low
Head to toe
(There's nothing like this, baby)
I searched high and low
(Let us stay)
Head to toe
(Stay around, settle down)
I searched high and low
(No no no no no no)
Head to toe
(I've been all around, but I ain't never seen anything like this
I've been searching)
I searched high and low
Head to toe
(Don't leave, don't leave
Looks like I found a perfect place)
I searched high and low
Head to toe
(Said I looked up in the sky
Looked out on the ground
Hold it, darling)
I searched high and low
(But I ain't seen nothing like this before)
Head to toe
I searched high and low
Head to toe

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