Paroles Anti Establishment Man de Reo Speedwagon

Reo Speedwagon
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  • Chanson: Anti Establishment Man
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Textes et Paroles de Anti Establishment Man

Standing by the roadside
Old newspaper in my hand.
Reading yesterday's headlines,
Nothing new, I said it's all the same.
I'm the fool of the year and I've been waiting
Twenty five years of anticipating
I've seen changes in my land

People I'm here to tell you,
I've been around since the world began.
Well, Mr. Politician, reform me if you can,
I'm an anti-establishment man.

I'm tired of your treating
All of my children the same.
Spending all that money
On a stupid war in Vietnam
(When we need it at home)

People I'm here to tell you,
I think it's 'bout time that the world began (all over!)
Well, Mr. Politician, reform me if you can,
I'm an anti-establishment man.

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