Paroles Swiss Cheese de Retard-o-bot 2000

Retard-o-bot 2000
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  • Artiste: Retard-o-bot 200031915
  • Chanson: Swiss Cheese
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Textes et Paroles de Swiss Cheese

L m n o p
Bullshit is the key
They talk real tough
They call your bluff
Then your ass ends up full'a (holes)

I'm full of shit, I'm full of shit
Rap about money before I got it
I'm full of shit, I'm full of shit
Hatin' ass niggaz I fucking shot
I'm full of shit, I'm full of shit
Mommy won't like it cuz I fucking cuss
That's the truth, that's the truth
What daddy don't know can't fucking hurt

Move that shit, just move that shit
Just do that shit, just do that shit
Shake it, shake it
Your whore(?) name, that's right

Front'a pop off
Just wait 'till it drops
This shits been cooking more
You think I would lie?
It's gonna pop off
Just wait 'till it drops
This shits been cooking boy
You go'an lie

Hos and bitches please
Keep coming up to me
You seen my show you fuckin' ho
Now get down on your knees
You'll known me for a summer
Maybe even two
Once truth sets in, I'm done my friend
Washed up like all the other

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