Paroles Happily Ever After de Reynard Silva

Reynard Silva
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  • Artiste: Reynard Silva17219
  • Chanson: Happily Ever After
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Textes et Paroles de Happily Ever After

Verse I
Girl I've been in love many times before
So many time it left me so broken hearted,
So I turned my back on love
And then you turned it all around
(Much to my surprise, girl I cannot lie)
Baby it's you that made me realize
That love was all I ever really wanted
And now I'm thinking that I never really felt it

Baby it's you, couldn't ask for nothing more
Girl it's you that I adore
And there's nothing that could change the way I feel
I'm in it for the long run,
I wanna be here with you forever
And only you can make me feel like I do
I wouldn't trade this for the world
Can't believe you're my girl
Say you'll stay happily ever after...

Verse II
And ever since I've had, had you here with me
It's impossible to see my life without you
Cause I need you, girl
And I want you to share my world
(When I'm in your arms, you can feel my heart beat)
To the metronome that's beating
To the melody in your heart
And no matter where you are,
Baby you can count on my love


I guess I never really knew how love could feel
Cause you make my heart skip a beat
Girl you know, like I know, that this is for real
No we can't deny it
Give me your hand so we can plant this seed
Cause all we need is love to grow this family tree
My baby, be forever my lady...
Girl it's you...


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