Paroles To Tell Them de Rich Mullins

Rich Mullins
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  • Artiste: Rich Mullins32011
  • Chanson: To Tell Them
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Textes et Paroles de To Tell Them

Some people came here to party
Some people came here to pray
Some will stay until they're sorry
Some'll be sad to have to go away
Some people came here to listen
Some people came here to talk
Some people don't know how much they've been given
Some people thank the Lord for what little they've got

But there's just one thing you've got to tell them
Tell them one you've got to tell them all
Because there ain't nobody so bad
That the Lord can't save 'em
Ain't nobody so good that they don't need God's love
And there's one thing you've got to show them
Just one thing you've got to let them see
It don't make no difference what else that you may be wanting
The love of God is the thing they need
It's the thing they need

Some people came here on business
Some people came on R&R
Some strut around in their fancy stiches
Some sink low because they got to hide some nasty scars
There's some people can be so pious (pious)
Some people are so depraved (depraved)
Some of them seem to thrive on the quiet
Some are just dyin' to go out and to make some waves


Well, you can talk about fashion
You can talk about the weather
It's all just stuff and it all goes up in flames
Just in case somebody comes askin'
Why don't you do 'em one better
If you got to talk why don't you tell 'em
'Bout the things that remain the same


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