Paroles Downhill de Rishloo

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  • Artiste: Rishloo32151
  • Chanson: Downhill
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Textes et Paroles de Downhill

I'm leavin' to walk the road inside my head
with cord in hand and powder breath I stand and wave goodbye

the systematomatic thinks, while buying blood on Broadway street where the old messiahs go
that pulsing through the atmosphere are answers to the questions you should know
don't let it go, or it's all downhill from here

examples of the afterlife responding visions half the time and the other vertigo
spun off the Earth a thousand times and caught the wind that purifies the soul
you should know, it's all downhill from here

lost out here adrift in lights, it's wonderous
weightless in clouds of colors the world will never see
and I am a figment of reality

wrapped in the shroud of endless night I scream aloud
but no one hears, so I tell my stories to satellites
and I am lost inside a memory

the pattern picks the pockets of the palindrome
back to front the loss remains the same
and it beckons to the East to give the West its eyes
while the oscillating rhythm marks its bones
to the young it gives a vision of the dead and gone
while the old recieve a passion to survive
and the pattern picks the pockets of the palindrome
before the oscillating rhythm takes to flight...

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