Paroles Broken Soul de Rising Neptune

Rising Neptune
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  • Artiste: Rising Neptune32154
  • Chanson: Broken Soul
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Textes et Paroles de Broken Soul

Why am I still here
I have lost all that's dear
What's the point in moving on
When there's nowhere I belong
I've got no strength to hang around
But still you kick me when I'm down
You say you'll hurt me; well you should
'Cause when I bleed it feels so good
When I'm with you I'm ignored
Still you give me something more
The way I feel, I can't explain
But it feels good, I can't complain
Moving on but nothing's there
It seems like no one really cares
I never learned to let things go
But did you have to break my soul?

So much agonizing pain
At just the sound of your name
Having faith gets you nowhere
I can't see what's really there
Lies on top of still more lies
Why's it always me who cries
Fake smile and lots of make up
From this nightmare, I can't wake up
Nothing helps when you've got no one
You've never truly felt alone
You have caused me so much pain
This burning hurt I feel everyday
Don't apologize for this
You know that you're my only wish
Living life within a black hole
It's not your fault you broke my soul

I cry alone, no sense of pride
Endless tears into the night
I tried to tell you how I feel
The wounds you've left refuse to heal
You tried hard to lend your hand
But you'll never fully understand
Don't try to ask me what it wrong
The answer you'll get's far too long
"You're still here; at least you're livin'"
Sure, if that's what you wanna call it
No matter what my life comes to
Just know that I will always love you
I told you once I'd never leave
Some promises, you just can't keep
Emptiness is getting old
Soon I'll have no broken soul...

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