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Rising Neptune
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  • Artiste: Rising Neptune32154
  • Chanson: Untitled2
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Textes et Paroles de Untitled2

I'm sitting here, and all alone
I'm thinking about my day and how it went wrong
From the moment I woke up
And â€~til the moment I closed my eyes
But I can't sleep
Only because I'm afraid of what tomorrow may bring
Every waking moment, I can't help to wonder:
What will come back to haunt me in the end?

I don't want the time to pass
For the time is counting down my life
But why should I be worried?
We all have little time
Too bad it's not now
Then again, that's just me
So where is the world and our time going now?
The world may never know

So are there any answers?
Don't bother to answer â€~cause I know you're gonna lie
Just like before
Just leave me alone in my thoughts
All alone, back to my room
The lights are out, but my green eyes are open
Waiting for whatever tomorrow may bring
I sit here alone in my room
Just waiting, waiting, waiting for a new life
Maybe even with answers, that would be nice

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