Paroles Die de Robert Curry

Robert Curry
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  • Artiste: Robert Curry43653
  • Chanson: Die
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Textes et Paroles de Die

Baby (ohhh ohhh)
You know they say you never miss what you got till it's gone
An now that your gone I realize that your love is my life
An I need it

[Verse 1:]
Baby we been thru some things an I know
It's probably all because of me
But you held it all inside an you smiled
But now your fed up an wanna leave
An now that you wanna leave I realize
Your the reason I can breathe

An I know I wasted your time wish I could rewind
Is there a way to change your minddddd?
Ohhh ow... promises are made to break
Yes I made mistakes
But what can I say I'm only human
I apogilize for each an every lie
Don't make me pay with my life
Please don't leave me all alone
Don't think I can make it on my own
I'm not worth a thing without you here with me... in my life
You said that you loved me an you cared
Then how could you up an leave me here
Your love is the reason why I live
An I... don't wanna die

[Verse 2:]
Now baby can we talk it out one more time?
You said we already talked too much
But my body's getting weak an I'm fading
Just from the thought of loosing your touch
The very second that you leave it's all over
I'll never make it without you


An baby if you stay... I'll change
I see the air of my ways my way
Once was blind but now I see an I hope it's not too late

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