Paroles I Belong To You de Rome

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  • Artiste: Rome32384
  • Chanson: I Belong To You
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Textes et Paroles de I Belong To You

Say my lady
tell me what's wrong with your boyfriend
aaaahhhhh come on
he holds the key to your heart
but he don't love you baby, baby like I do
only wanna be with you
girl you are the love of my life babe
and I'd give it to you baby
you belong to me and only me
I belong to you (I belong)
I'd give all my love to you


Everytime I see your face it makes me want to sing
and everytime I think about your love it drives me crazy

say my lady
you are so fine
I wake up in the mornin' to see a smile on your face (baby)
you are the queen of my heart baby
I belong to you and you belong to me (yeah)
girl you are the love of my life baby
all those cloudy days they fade away when you come my way baby
I belong to you (I belong)
I'd give all my love to you
I belong, I belong, I belong to you baby oooooo

Chorus: (2x)

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