Paroles Not In My House de Rooney

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  • Artiste: Rooney4908
  • Chanson: Not In My House
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Textes et Paroles de Not In My House

I know what you're after
I know why you came here
You got the devil in you seeping out your pores
You can't bring me down low
You can't pull me under
I've been there, honey
I am going back alive

Not in my house, not under my roof
Not in my house, anywhere
Not in my house, not in my house

This land is my land, this land ain't your land
You had it all wrong, start singing a new song
Go run home to momma, tell her she done raised a loser
But you better not tell your father, he might not ever recover


Get out, get out of my house
Get out, get out of my house

You spent your whole life trying, but you're going home empty handed
You can always grab onto something, but it's just a lonely night
You know where to find me, sitting on top of all my glory
I'll be sure to leave a space for you at the end of my story


Get out, get, get out
Get out of my house

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