Paroles My Last Farewell de Rough Silk

Rough Silk
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  • Artiste: Rough Silk8200
  • Chanson: My Last Farewell
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Textes et Paroles de My Last Farewell

So here's to you - my last farewell:

I hate your face
i hate your smile
i hate your grace
i hate your style
i hate your words
your silence, too
-all i can say is: i hate you

i hate your good
i hate your bad
i hate your blue
i hate your red
i hate your clothes
your presence, too
-all i can say is: i hate you

there's a trace and a tear below
my wishes taste like fire
you're just a gun for hire

so here's to you - my last farewell
i hope your soul will burn in hell
i've worked real hard to break this spell
all that remains is my last farewell

i hate your wrong
i hate your right
i hate your strong
i hate your light
i hate your soft
your violence, too
-all i can say is: i hate you

there's a trace....

i hate your truth - i hate your lies
i hate your false self sacrifices
i hate your tricks - your matches, too
all I can say is: i hate you

so here's to you - my last farewell

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