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Roxy Music
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  • Chanson: Could It Happen To Me?
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Textes et Paroles de Could It Happen To Me?

Do you know what it means to me
To delight in your company
Could it happen to me
Do you know what I'm certain of'
I would love to fall in love
Could it happened to me'
Hey won't you look at me
Now I'm cracked wide open I can't conceal
My all-over trembling, I'm acting strange
And while you're out of reach, I never change
God knows I'm beside myself
If a tear's a crime, then I must confess
My guilty secret, I'm not ashamed
Take me as I am, an average man
Oh boy is it getting rough
When my old world charm isn't quite enough
I'd throw you cantos, I'd jazz 'em up
When I lay me down, you don't pick up
What's more, it's a crying shame
Only this time no one but myself to blame
All I touch turns to dust
It's right there in my cards, I ought to cut
Let us sing of the tortured heart
And a lonely soul in this world apart
As he plays a fear, takes a little pain
And move our separate ways again
Is it easy to say 'I do''
At this moment I love you
See beyond me, it's true
Now that evening is closing in
Should I light that fire again'
Could it happen to me'
Did it happen to you'

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