Paroles Communication Breakdown de Roy Orbison

Roy Orbison
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  • Artiste: Roy Orbison3179
  • Chanson: Communication Breakdown
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Textes et Paroles de Communication Breakdown

We never walk, we never talk
We never find the time to be close again
There it goes again

Communication breakdown
Communication breakdown

Too much concern for money to burn
Too many things to do
Now you don't need me
And I don't need you

Communication breakdown
Communication breakdown

One by one they fell
Now the leaves of love
Cling to the ground

Communication breakdown
Communication breakdown

Too much too soon
Too much temptation
In a hurry
It's a sad situation
Too much worry
I can tell that's it's over now

Communication breakdown
Communication breakdown

There it goes
Communication breakdown
Communication breakdown

When it's right, it's so right
When it's wrong, it's so wrong
When it's gone, it's all gone
It's too late

Communication breakdown
Communication breakdown

I can tell that it's over now

Communication breakdown
Communication breakdown

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