Paroles Thanks for the Support de Roy Zimmerman

Roy Zimmerman
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  • Artiste: Roy Zimmerman27038
  • Chanson: Thanks for the Support
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Textes et Paroles de Thanks for the Support

You've got that yellow ribbon stuck on your H2 - Thanks for the support.Memorial Day weekend you threw a barbeque - Thanks for the support.I can feel the love seven thousand miles away,And I'm a partiot, as I was trying to say,When you cut me short - Thanks for the supportI was gunning for Osama, and you sent me for Saddam - Thanks for the support.Now I'm sitting down to dinner; it's another can of Spam - Thanks for the support.You say: "Complete the mission", and I say: "Count on me!"'Cause I don't even know what mission there might beTo abort - Thanks for the support.You sent me here a third time, and my house was repossessed - Thanks for the support.Now my wife is in a trailer, but she sent a kevlar vest - Thanks for the support.And I think of her only every time I bleed,Someday we will meet again at Walter Reed;The resort of last resort - Thanks for the supportAnd you hired those mercenaries who make eight times what I do - Thanks for that.And you dropped in on Thanksgiving with a turkey and a camera crew - Thanks-giving.Now you're giving guns to the ones who shot at me.The tank is full, but the strategy might beDown a quart - Thanks for the supportI appreciate the stopgap, and I appreciate the Surge - Thanks for the support.Another twenty thousand voices to harmonize this dirge - Thanks for the support.To the Democratic Congress who could have brought me homemust have come down with a new Gulf War SyndromeOf some sort - Thanks for the support.And if I die tomorrow, won't you ship me home at night - Thanks for the support.And if I have a funeral, make sure it's outta sight - Thanks for the support.In the final seconds you've got a plan to win;Cut those taxes and let Jesus put one inFrom half-court - Thanks for the support .

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