Paroles Six Ten Shoota de Royce da 5'9"

Royce da 5'9
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  • Artiste: Royce da 5'9"4081
  • Chanson: Six Ten Shoota
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Textes et Paroles de Six Ten Shoota

If you hatin, debatin, come get me i be waitin , i fuck with niggas to

kill this killas day occupation , im warnin u nigga, dont let these

bitches and liquor, get the ticket on your head blalt blat, trigga got

a button on it i call it a g spot, cuz when i get to touchin on it i

make the peace, im in the zone all by my lonsome, who want some,

touchable by fume, protolome, stop it, a nigga writing this cracka, im

with knife n jackas, i aint fighting no rappas, we gonna rock n roll,

if i was you i'd be calling you niggas know how we do, dont be the next

rapper leaving out here without you, a bloody marl marl the moment can

be spurled , kilt kids the best if u want to go further,come with that

gun clip, its that drunker that drum stick, i make it go goo ba ba

bump, anyone who wants,

i got a 16 ten shoota, it'll bust a ruga, 9 mm shot with my finga on

the trigga

now be for i sign anyone on my squada, snitching is forbidding,

snitching is for bitchs, i dont be seeing how niggas be letting money

come bewteen them, letting bitches come between me, i fee like

nervoulous nigga thats breathing, in they see im the leader, im the

boss of the game, u cant join em or beat em , all u can do is get my

motha fucking way, im gonna be this way till im my fuckin grave, (wow)
sucka free is my moto, touching me aint provado, touching me is sucicidal, i

will spray crowds, i did before i will do it again im true with the pen

,why your just pretending the newest trend is your image, fuck with

killas, fucking killas, nothing reala then that, but blat, warning you

niggas one time again, i go to that drama end, no no im not your

friend, cuz im the pen

(Thanks to Coty for these lyrics)

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