Paroles Getting Over The Overs de Ruiner

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  • Artiste: Ruiner32597
  • Chanson: Getting Over The Overs
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Textes et Paroles de Getting Over The Overs

yeah! now i fucking get it... what you meant when you said moving as far as i can will change everything... i never understood it then but i understand it now the options are slim, the placements perfect no one knows me here... and all those moments i spent screaming at the wall... hoping maybe your picture could answer back... and sometimes, and sometimes, i wish i didnt care. yes sometimes i wish i coulld never hear your voice...then maybe this would be easy, maybe this would be as simple as the way it hurt you, without thought or reason, without a shred of compassion.. and the fuck ups.. im never coming home. its so easy when there is someone else to blame but i see that same fucking face every fucking day. im spending every second wishing i could take it all back and you were so different this is the end. i never got it i never knew what it meant you only appreciate someone when theyre fucking gone and you kept drinking, until i didnt exist..well im sorry and for speechless

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