Paroles Cell de Rumsfield

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  • Artiste: Rumsfield32605
  • Chanson: Cell
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Textes et Paroles de Cell

It was called a place where the furniture melted
And all that was delt with
Was the passage of time
An artist's disgrace by the polythene window
Taunted the gold floor below
With madness so sublime

It happens every day in this place that you made
All your dreams will wash away
But you're young so it's ok

It was where the sink fills itself with wet dispair
And stains the unaware
With a colour so rich
The walls start to shrink but the beauty still remains
So my weakness bends and wanes
And my soul begins to ich

It's for your own good you know
We've been over this before
You can listen to what we say
But it doesn't matter anyway

The air will thicken 'cause it's pushin me too far
Yes it's all went way too far
Now I'll burn this all down
My mind will sicken 'cause it's pushing me too far
Yes it's all went way too far
Now I'll burn this all down

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