Paroles Fake Ass M.F. de Rumsfield

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  • Artiste: Rumsfield32605
  • Chanson: Fake Ass M.F.
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Textes et Paroles de Fake Ass M.F.

It comes down fairly quickly I've seen it before
It's looking right at me
But I'm not about to not go out fighting
I know where I'm at and I know where my life is

Hey man don't forget your roots
Hey man don't forget where you came from

You're the fake and you're the liar
Your life's up for sale to the highest buyer
One day you'll wake up from your delusion
Without all of your friends because you will lose them

Pretty pompous posing
Your head is stuck up your ass
Your open mind is closing
The defining time has come at last
To watch you as you realize
That all you are is a fucking fake
You turned your back and closed your eyes
On your friends and took all you could take

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