Paroles My Them de Rumsfield

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  • Artiste: Rumsfield32605
  • Chanson: My Them
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Textes et Paroles de My Them

They say that this is how to clean it all away
They say that this is how to handle every day
They say that this is how to laugh at nothingness
They say that this is how to comfort yourself less

I tend to keep them near it's all I have left
My panics disappear with each romantic theft
Your pity's squandered art has turned for the worst
It blew apart my heart my them was here first

They seem to think it's wrong but I don't really care
They seem to think it's wrong I lied I know they're there

They have too much to say they're different these are fake
They have too much to say their hollow words are stale

I think my them is closing in

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