Paroles The Giver Takes de Saccharine Trust

Saccharine Trust
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  • Chanson: The Giver Takes
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Textes et Paroles de The Giver Takes

what is the giver really taking?
is it the taker?
who's directing traffic here, anyway?
are there no strategies
to win in love?
who invented immortality anyway?

where have your virtues taken you
along with your search for meaning?
climbing and staggering your pitiful
while bargaining for time.

where do our morals come from?
were they inflicted?
what's in a blood line anyway?
why are we led to slaughter?
we can find it ourselves.
who's calling my number here, anyway?

slave, grind that wheel of endless cycles.
grip hard to endure
hours and hours of damnation
spinning throughout this haste and
yes! there's hope on the other end of
those strings

why do we get back up when the next fall
is so much harder?
who's setting examples here, anyway?
when are we going to find something
truly worth suffering for?
why make sense of this, anyway?

picture a world so simple and thoughtful
with smiling neighbors, grapestick fences
and images falling from the sky
blessing you with contentment.

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