Paroles For Jake de Sacred Sunday

Sacred Sunday
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  • Chanson: For Jake
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Textes et Paroles de For Jake

so now i'd like to save you from your fall
i'd like to give my my all and all
and i wish you would just look
why am i so hooked?
to that brown hair
dont bother me as i stare
so maybe then you will get the clue
and you turn away!

O yes Jake's broken heart
that is where it all had to start
we all go through it
all have to do it
yes that moment had to ruin it all
now Jake is on the fall
he has given it all up
he left it all behind him
and said goodbye
O yes all because of his broken heart

so now feel jake's pain
he had nothing to gain
so now cry for him
feel sad for him
because he has left this place
he decided that leaving was the right thing
feel bad for that one moment where it had to start
o yes 'caused jake's broken heart
so now cry for him
feel sad for him and say your goodbye
O yes jake's broken heart!

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