Paroles Getting Colder de Sam Hart

Sam Hart
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  • Artiste: Sam Hart55281
  • Chanson: Getting Colder
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Textes et Paroles de Getting Colder

I have to say before anything gets in the way
There was nothing wrong with you
And those words that I rehearsed
I realize I can't undo

When then wind blows I dont feel the sun
You were happy and I was drunk
And at the end of the day when the pain goes away
its getting cold, its getting cold
its getting colder
its getting cold, its getting cold
its getting colder

If it was real, then whyd I feel
like I was dancing with chains on my feet
And Ill point out you shared my doubt
we were innocent and incomplete

repeat chorus

this will all be over soon
I promise you I promise you
this will all be over soon
i promise you

she and I go walking on the water at low tide
and i kissed her home tnight
the doors are closed and the windows shaded ill never go inside
and i kissed her home tonight

repeat chorus

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