Paroles Written in Sand de Santana

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  • Artiste: Santana2811
  • Chanson: Written in Sand
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Textes et Paroles de Written in Sand

Your eyes are the color of the sea
You look my way and the waves
Wash over me
Your body shivers with the
Fading light
You say, Baby, let's just make
It last tonight.

And when the morning comes
You take me by the hand
And say our love is written in sand
Written in sand

We hear the ocean roar
We're swept away on to some
Distant shore
You whisper secrets of the heart
They keep us close when the
World keeps us apart

Until tomorrow comes
Time is on our hands
Because this love is written in
Written in sand


Nothing lies between
A woman and a man
When their love is written in sand
When their love is written in sand
When their love is written in sand

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