Paroles Crush, Kill, Destroy de Sarcofago

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  • Artiste: Sarcofago7297
  • Chanson: Crush, Kill, Destroy
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Textes et Paroles de Crush, Kill, Destroy

Join my world of evil pain
A smell of lewdness is diffuse in the air
The hall is quiet but soon you'll screech
So do it with hate

We're the masters of our own desires
Scream for me, do it loud
From your first victim, life ends
Bathing in his blood, you'll come!

Show me your lust
Show me your hate
Give us the power
To desecrate

Gods of cruelty
Gods of sin
Show us the way
To win

Crush, kill, destroy
Crush - the envy
Kill - your enemies
Destroy - the bounds

Don't beleive in tears or smiles
'Cause worms are our only true friends
A kiss is the eve of a vomit
The feeble will loose in the end

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