Paroles Piercings de Sarcofago

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  • Artiste: Sarcofago7297
  • Chanson: Piercings
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Textes et Paroles de Piercings

Screams of agony
Echoing all corners
The torment of a cursed and
Distorted soul

Voluptous desires cam from his mind
A slow death to the victims
Is the reason of his life
Mrs. death is his every day mate
Awaits, the gift of this bad joke

First cut being done
In percing rites
But a hundred sticks
Will not satisfy

Cult of insanity
Agonizing child
Losing her blood
Before she dies

Screams of agony
Echoing all corners
The torment of a cursed and
Distorted soul

You see, my darling
I'm the one who won
Don't leave me now
The party has just begun!!!

[Based on the true story of the]
[maniac Carlos Lippel 1946/1977]

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