Paroles The Necrofiliac de Sarcofago

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  • Artiste: Sarcofago7297
  • Chanson: The Necrofiliac
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Textes et Paroles de The Necrofiliac

He was a wicked man,
Satan lives in his eyes.
A creature from no land,
cross his way and you will die!!!

He's the evil one
Prowling through endless nights,
to his victims, suffering,
of his blade they can't hide.

The moon is full, and the sky is dark,
another night of pleasures finaly will start.

No takes your way to the graveyard,
the feelings in his mind can't be described.
Necrophiliac, in love tonight,
Necrophiliac, seeking for a new child.

Whole day he passed, in Plato's desire,
with his new girlfriend, another child died,
eternal love is the promisse that he made,
eternal 'till a new cadaver arrives.

The cold and rotting flesh,
will take him to orgasm.
The pussy is full of worms,
and is expeling a smell of death.
He can't stop to lick,
that little prece of heaven.
The two holes became one,
the lust was complete.

Violating another tomb,
finding his eternal lover.
He got his dick hard,
fucking corpses with hate.
Tonight there is a special party,
a new girlfriend arrived.
Nineteen yars old,
and the sweet child dead!

He was a wicked man.
Satan lives in his eyes,
a scream from no land,
cross his way and you will die.

He's the evil one
Prowling through endless nights,
to his victims, suffering,
of his blade they can't hide.

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