Paroles Miles Away de Savatage

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  • Artiste: Savatage5777
  • Chanson: Miles Away
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Textes et Paroles de Miles Away

And a cool, cool rain comes down
On a world burned by the sun
And the moon arises like a child
And the moment is undone
And the stars never say what they see
As the moon flirts with shadows it makes
Through the fallen trees
Some would wait for the morning light
But I fall asleep 'til I'm safe
In the arms of night

Let the darkness roll in
Let it wipe the light away
In the distance
Always calling
He beckons play

Still the morning is pre-ordained
But I believe light is the source of all of our pain
It reveals our smallest sins
But dark covers all and will always take you

Armed and gunning
I've been running
Always just before the day
In the distance
Day is dawning
But I'm already miles away

In the night there's wonder
Always there for you to see
In the light of morning
Visions fade
And dreams can flee

With the darkness the night forgives
Covers our scars and lets
The lost souls live
And the morning's a distant fear
But if we move fast they'll never find us

Armed and gunning
I've been running
Through a world that's in decay
Let them thunder stare and wonder
Cause I'm already miles away

And the rain comes down

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