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Saving Face
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  • Chanson: Theory Of Mistrust
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Textes et Paroles de Theory Of Mistrust

I wonder if you even realize
I wonder if you know what form you've taken
And how you've become what I despise
You think you can degrade us and that I'll sit idly by
And watch you spin your web of lies
If this is what you think you are so mistaken

You are what we never want to be
I'll cut you off completely
Don't victimize us with your deceit
I'm so sick of your hypocrisy

Your own faults you will never see
You're too busy in your own superficial life
But when I fall you are always the first to speak
So intent on inflicting us with strife
But what's so pathetic, is at this low point
In your life you have hit your peak

It burns from deep within
A desire to cut you with the truth
To let all hear your cries
And to expose each and every single

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