Paroles Rape Kit Aficionado de Sawtooth Grin (The)

Sawtooth Grin (The)
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  • Artiste: Sawtooth Grin (The)9278
  • Chanson: Rape Kit Aficionado
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Textes et Paroles de Rape Kit Aficionado

I've constructed an accolade
worthy masturbating apparatus from the scrapes of your pelvic region. now I have to inquire, does my soiled
verse linger in your ears? my poison semen will make
short work of you no? your recolection is just as
clouded as your delicate throat was flooded. draw your untouched eyes to the corner where I've pilled the things I've removed. trophies & tools. trophies & tools. all baptized in pools of secretion. whites & reds. a connoissour of dissection, textbook definition arifice fixation, & the lecherous mind to make use of whats left.

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