Paroles Oh, Marlon de Schvendes

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  • Artiste: Schvendes37897
  • Chanson: Oh, Marlon
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Textes et Paroles de Oh, Marlon

Oh, Marlon...

Now this is a story
Of a man I hold dear
My soulmate and lover
But something I feared.

My neighbours started going
Away forevermore
My Marlon's disappearing
To his shed out the door.

And I know something's up
I can feel it
My lover's not quite
The straight-road type.

He comes to our bed
Slightly bloodstained
And he whispers
Darling, goodnight...

One day, he never came back
My Marlon I love so
He left me a message
And this he did wrote - he said:

Take a match to the back shed
Oh, and burn it to the ground
I'll return when I can, dear
Hope you keep safe and sound.

So I walked to that shed
Oh, and I saw them -
My neighbours were hanging
Upside down

Their blood was all spilt
And their heads gone
Their feet and their hands
Were bound...

So I walked to that shed
Oh, and I saw them -
My neighbours were hanging
Upside down

Their blood was all spilt
And their heads gone
Oh, Marlon
They're not safe and sound...

So, Marlon, I will write you
To your prison cell today
You know I'll never love another
The same in any other way.

So, Marlon, can you tell me
You never said you were sorry
You just turned and you said, dear:
"Every man needs a hobby..."

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