Paroles No pain no gain de Scorpions

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  • Artiste: Scorpions2571
  • Chanson: No pain no gain
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Textes et Paroles de No pain no gain

Face in the gutter eyes on the floor
Knocked down twice can't take it no more
You got no vision in your head
You got no vision better dead
Get on your feet open the door

Walk on down you know the score
It's a dead-end street back to the wall
You get it together you can get it all

The weak will fall the strong remain

No pain no gain (yeah)
No pain no gain (yeah)

No time for losers you make the call
Believe in yourself stand tall
Another day it's in your hand
You can be the winner in the end

The weak will fall the strong remain

No pain no gain (yeah)
No pain no gain
No pain no gain (yeah)
No pain no gain (yeah, yeah)

Keep runnin' don't look back
Keep movin' paint it black
Keep goin' don't ever stop
There's time to rest the day you'll drop

You roll the dice you play the game
The weak will fall the strong remain

No pain no gain
No pain no gain

  "Face the heat [#2]"

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