Paroles Rock Zone de Scorpions

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  • Artiste: Scorpions2571
  • Chanson: Rock Zone
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Textes et Paroles de Rock Zone

You let me in but won't let me out
You hold the key to what it's all about
I hear your machine just coming round the block
Just ready to go to rock around the clock

He's an angel but no one can tell
He might be from heaven might be from hell

You're not alone in the rock zone
You got it down down to the bone
You're not alone in the rock zone
You're not alone

The temperature's rising put the helmet on
This is a place where I belong
Bad girl's keep a coming showing all the rest
What rock'n'roll girls really do best

Is she an angel or under a spell
I hear the devil ringing the bell

You're not alone in the rock zone
You got it down down to the bone
You're not alone in the rock zone
You're not alone

Rock Zone
Rock Zone
Rock Zone
Rock Zone

You're not alone

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