Paroles Relearn Love de Scott Stapp

Scott Stapp
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  • Artiste: Scott Stapp7349
  • Chanson: Relearn Love
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Textes et Paroles de Relearn Love

On a dark and lonely highway
I need the Son to raise my head
I come before you, I am naked
The man I am now must be shed
I've weathered storms and I am broken
My beaten heart is in your hands
What I really need is shelter
And a chance to relearn love

Teach me all over, all over
To relearn love
Show me again
So I can relearn love

The comfort of your arms around me
Your tender hands caress my head
I lay beside you I'm not worthy
This jaded man's not who I am
I touched the flame and I've been burned
All I need's a second chance
Give me eyes of a child
And teach this man to relearn love

T each me all over, all over
To relearn love
Show me again
To relearn love
Teach me all over, all over
To relearn love
Show me again...
So I can relearn love

I was selfish, but you still love me
You gave the greatest gift of all
And you set me free

When time means nothing
And your world is standing still
Listen world, He's calling
If you feel me drop and kneel

Can you feel it?
Just remember
Oh remember
to relearn love

To relearn love
Show me again
To relearn love

Relearn my love
(Teach me all over, all over)
Show me, show me to relearn my love
(To relearn my love, show me again)
Teach me now, now, teach me all over
(Relearn my love)
To relearn, relearn my love
So I can relearn love

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