Paroles Racist Society de Screeching Weasel

Screeching Weasel
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  • Artiste: Screeching Weasel13687
  • Chanson: Racist Society
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Textes et Paroles de Racist Society

did you know that you live in a racist society did you know you're the privileged class and everybody else is essentially taking it up the ass did you know that you could be free did you know that's not the way it has to be did you know you can still change everything did you know that there's no such thing as equality and there might be if you don't change did you know that you live in a warzone (culturally) did you know that your parents were fucked when they taught you how to fear anybody who wasn't white enough did you know that you could be free did you know that's not the way it has to be did you know you can still change everything did you know that the older you get it gets easier to blame somebody else for your own mess did you know that the jews don't run the world and all black men aren't criminals did you know there's a lot of money to be made from keeping you paranoid, suspicious, worried, frightened all wound up and tense inside 'cause big business runs the government and it's not good business if we burn down the government so they keep us occupied with moron tv shows and shitty beer that wipes out brain cells and whining about congress and stupid fucking income taxes and if that's not enough to keep your mind off of the way you're getting dicked around they fill you with fear and hate give you someone to blame for all your problems why's the country going down the fucking toilet do you know what they think of you do you know how contemptuous they are of you do you know how easy you are to fool you're like a dog going after a ball that was never thrown well guess what you're on your own good luck

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