Paroles Been This Way de Scribe

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  • Artiste: Scribe6557
  • Chanson: Been This Way
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Textes et Paroles de Been This Way

Typed by:

Every MC, in this industry, wants one thing
To be the best, in the top of their game
You want it? Come and get me!

Do what you gotta do - come and get me
I came from the struggle; I'm bringing my pain with me
Nothing you can say will ever lead me astray (yo)
I been this way since back in the day YUP
Do what you gotta do - come and get me
I came from the struggle; I'm bringing my pain with me
Nothing you can say will ever lead me astray (yo)
I been this way since back in the day

Yo Shan, lets take 'em

You couldn't rock a joint with a mic and a pound of weed
You couldn't get a point across with a pen and a key of P
You couldn't get high as me with two tabs of LSD
Cool as a cucumber with two sticks of celery
Spit like watermelon pips from your juju lips
Hands mo callus can see excel from the mics I read
My rhyme patterns supreme mm the baddest
Fresh - woo - my flows the fattest
Yeah and I gotta do this for those that never had it
But climbed the ladder only to watch all their dreams shatter
They doubled my pain; I tripled my skills in hip-hop
Quadrupled my strength, quintupled my props - yo
I got it locked yo and I'm ready to drop yo
And you can hit me with everything that you got yo
But I will not fall or trip over obstacles
Its logical I'm gonna run hip hop into the cortical


Verse two - I stepped up and I made moves
I stay true and like flows I paid dues
And came thru slicin biters like blade two
Cos they knew I came to take our fake crews
And take YOU
If this is what it comes down to
Trying to break thru and go triple platinum like Che Fu (true)
Still I'm tighter then the El Kita with corn bread
Lines heavy like if you wake the whole with Dawn Raid
F*ck them and let them see I'm all yeah
I went back to the true school like DJ Sir Vere
So who the, who the f*ck said that Scribe wasn't deep
Yo I'm deep like Mareko's voice tone when he speaks
And I'm ill like Uneepa with skills to pay the bills this year
And MCs is getting cut like One Tree Hill, for real
I'm still the baddest MC to grab a pad and a pen
Go tell ya friends Scribe is at it again. Yeah


I complete the beat like a snare I come crisp and clear
I'm here to test MCs like it's their 5th form year
We 'bout to find out who is and who isn't prepared
About to make your arse disappear into thin air
Ask DJ Shan; yo I've been up in here
You'd better get it crystal clear your skill just doesn't compare
They're asking who's the best in the underground
No question the best is on the f*cken mic right now!


Yeah now come and get me, I'm waiting
I'll still be here ... when you're ready

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